[8 Selected] Wireless Printer for Chromebook

Do you also own an Acer, Asus, HP, Google Chromebook or may be of any other company? Are you looking forward to the best wireless printer for Chromebook? Have you gone confused with so many wireless printer options being present there in the market? If yes, this guide is going to get quite helpful to you. Chromebook has become a trend these days.

Whether it is about sending an email or writing something, Chromebook ensures the user to have uninterrupted and safe access over it. For all those who are not aware of the term Chromebook, it is a laptop or tablet is running of Linux based Chrome operating system.

Best Wireless Printer For Chromebook To Buy

The most irritating thing about Chromebook is that it is not compatible with the USB only printers. In short, we can also say that, if you are using a Chromebook laptop, you surely need to have a wireless printer for fulfilling your printing needs.

Hundreds of wireless printers for Chromebook are being there present in the market but to select the best one among all is a hard task to make it and especially when you are just a newbie to it. Making it much simpler for you, we are here providing you with the best wireless printer options that you can use on your Chromebook.

HP OfficeJet Pro Premier All-in-One Wireless Printer

If you are searching here for the best deals in terms of best wireless printer for Chromebook, HP OfficeJet Pro Premier All-in-One Wireless Printer is going to be a quite beneficial purchase for you. Being designed to perform smart tasks for smart office, it is a product that is going to improve the productivity level for sure.

It is a premium quality product that comes up in an aluminium finish and. Printing is quite fast here and can be easily done at a rate of 22 pages per minute.

One of the best things about this package is that it is being designed to suit well to your small office needs. Package includes a code to redeem and once done you will be free to get two years of instant ink based on printing for about 300 pages per month.

To save money to be spent on ink and get it easily at your doorsteps. HP OfficeJet Pro Premier All-in-One Wireless Printer perfectly organizes your documents about 50% faster. One really doesn’t need to undergo repetitive tasks and can easily synchronize devices to Chromebook, Quickbooks, Google Drive and much more.


  • All in one wireless printer options
  • Faster document organization
  • Includes two years of ink to be delivered for free tat your door
  • Involvement of plus smart tasks to improve smart office productivity
  • Users are free to enjoy remote access through a smart app
  • Creating, editing, and searching documents on a cloud storage are quite easy


  • No Cons

Canon TS5120 Wireless All-in-One Printer

It is another one of the finest all in one printer with a scanner and copier option that will ensure users to have faster printing at affordable pricing. Users are free to enjoy the device for smart office usage at an easier end here.

This printer is being designed to provide mobile and tablet printing with Airprint™ and Google Cloud Print. The tool is going to be a great deal for home usage where you can easily handle all of your everyday printing needs.

Users are free to enjoy here the simplicity of usage and can easily connect their devices to their favourite devices with great ease. The package comes up in a very compact size that can be easily adjusted into a smaller space. AirPrint2, Auto power on/off, built-in WiFi 1 and PIXMA cloud Link 4 are one of another wonderful feature that makes it one of the most favourite wireless printer for Chromebook.


  • Perfect all in one printer, scanner and copier for home and small office usage
  • Faster printing
  • Affordable pricing
  • Smart printing option
  • Includes mobile and tablet printing, AirPrint and Google Cloud Print feature
  • Easy operations with auto power on/off and built-in WiFi and PIXMA cloud Link4.
  • Very user-friendly interface to work on
  • Can be easily connected to varied devices
  • Compact size


  • No Cons

Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer

If you are looking for one of the finest wireless printers for your Chromebook, Brother Compact Monochrome Laser is a great option to choose on. it is a duplex two-sided printer that is designed to fulfil the needs of both busy home and small offices.

Compact size and highly productive nature are the features that you are going to enjoy on here. The product can be accommodated on smaller desks and tight spaces without any hassle. This printer option is being optimized to provide high efficiency for the users.

Users are free here to enjoy about 32 pages printed in one minute. The product comes up with a built-in 250 sheet paper capacity and that helps a lot in improving its efficiency. You don’t need to refill trays of your printer very quickly.

It is one of the finest printer options in the market that can be easily connected to a large range of products wirelessly without any hassle. Moreover, free online, call or live chat support is also there to improve the life of your printer. Amazon Dash Replenishment is being enabled here.


  • Best compact monochrome laser printer
  • 25-page printer capacity
  • Wireless printing and compatible with Chromebook
  • Duplex two-sided printing for a faster workout
  • High-end productivity
  • Wireless printing with exceptionally great support
  • 32-page printing per minute


  • Sometimes poor connectivity from distance

HP ENVY Photo 6355 All in One Photo Printer

If you are looking for a photo printer options that you can easily operate remotely using wireless printing, HP ENVY Photo 6255 is a great option to make in. It is one of the finest photo printer options being present in the market that will suit well to the needs of your smart home or smart office.

Users are free here to control the functioning of your printer just by making use of voice assistants like Alexa. Cost-effectiveness is one of the major and most admiring features that we would like to explain here.

You can now easily enjoy stunning photos in just a few seconds and that too just by spending out less than 5 cents for that. It is not only a printer only, but bout can also perfectly scan and copy conveniently.

The printer has provided up the power into your hand only. You just have to connect your device with your printer to enjoy faster and quick printing at an easier end.

The device is quite reliable and compatible with the majority of the devices and ensures users to have a lightning-fast setup with dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth Smart connectivity. Users are don’t need to stay dependent on a fixed size paper only. You can randomly work on various ones such as 45, 46, 57, 810 and much more


  • Easy operations and Beginner Friendly
  • Perfect all in one photo printer with wireless printing
  • Works well on smart voice assistant
  • Affordable pricing
  • Remote access
  • Faster printing
  • Reliable and compatible with the majority of devices
  • Efficient paper management
  • In replenishment service
  • Support a wide range of paper size


  • Requires credit card number before installation

Canon Pixma TS5320 Wireless All in One Printer

If you are looking for an affordable printer that can well fulfil your needs of the printer, scanner, and copier, Canon Pixma TS5320 is the option that is going to provide you with great help. Coming up with a 1.44 inch OLED display and LED status bar, it is one of the finest products that are quite easier to navigate.

Users can easily check out their printer status just by checking into the OLED display. Users are going to enjoy every inch of printing here as you are going to get accurate colours. It is a compact and stylish design that can be easily accommodated into your smaller rooms as well.

The best thing about this wonderful product is that AirPrint Black and Amazon, Dash Replenishment have been enabled here. The product is being designed to provide great ease of usability to the users. The product requires two fine cartridges to ensure fine printing quality.


  • Perfect all in one printer option
  • AirPrint Black and Amazon Dash Replenishment enabled
  • Involvement of 1.44 inch OLED display and LED status for easy navigation
  • Accurate color
  • Compact size and stylish design options
  • Great ease of usability


  • Pricing is a bit higher than its competitors

HP Deskjet 3639 Wireless All in One Printer For Chromebook

It is another one of the finest all in one printer options in the list that is being designed to accomplish everything in the way you need it. It is one of the affordable colour inkjet printers that make it quite easier to take a print, scan and copy files.

The print perfect provides the control of your product into your hand. It is being designed compatible with varied products in the market. Users can easily connect it to their devices and can easily control the printer remotely as well. Compact size and stylish looks are some of the other most commendable features why this product is famous for.

Users can now easily enjoy easy control over operations and navigations just by using this wonderful printing. The printer provides users with borderless photos right at home at affordable pricing now. Moreover, the device also provides support to a wider range of paper options as well.


  • Great value for money
  • Quick printing, scanning, and copying
  • Provides borderless photos
  • Easy connectivity
  • Smart printer for smart home usage
  • Faster printing
  • Support a wide range of papers


  • Week web support occasionally

Canon Wireless Piixema TS9120 Inkjet All in One Printer

It is another one of the leading all in one printer, scanner and copier options that ensures users to have mobile printing, AirPrint and Google Cloud printing at quite an affordable pricing. The product comes up with CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc printing that makes it quite easier to personalize your family video collections, ceremonies and birthdays.

The printer is being designed to provide you with high peace of mind while performing multiple tasking at an easier end. It is a stylish and compact wireless printer option that is quite easy to use and navigate through. The presence of a 5.0 inch LCD Touch screen makes access much easier. Users can now easily enjoy Bluetooth printing, document removal reminders, memory card slot, and auto expandable output tray very conveniently.


  • Affordable pricing
  • All in one printer with scanner, copier, mobile printing, AirPrint and Google Cloud
  • Includes CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc Printing
  • Quite easy to use and navigate
  • Stylish and compact options
  • 5.0 inch LCD Touch screen


  • The installation process is bit lengthier

HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 Wireless Printer

Adding one of the best wireless printers for HP Chromebook and other also for improving your smart home office productivity, HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 is a product that will make it quite easier to take a print out of your favourite things at the comfort of yours.

Just add this printer option into your home or small office and enjoy that ease of use and navigation from anywhere and anytime you want. The involvement of instant ink and amazon dash replenishment ready is one of another major advantage why this product has got such a huge success in a very small tenure.

Users are free here to enjoy faster printing at the rate of 35 pages per minute. The product includes self-healing WiFi that perfectly gets connected to your device and detects issues and automatically establishes connections in just a few minutes.


  • Great value for money option
  • Suits well to the needs of smart home office productivity
  • Instant ink and Amazon Dash Replenishment Ready
  • Faster printing
  • Self-healing WiFi
  • Remote access


  • Includes only one paper input source


So Guys! These are the best wireless printer you can choose for your Chromebook. Detailed features along with their pros and cons are being mentioned there to slow down your confusion. Just check out those and then make the final decision as per your preferences and budget you afford.

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